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"Correctional Service Canada. Research Branch"

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The Adjustment of the Security Reclassification Scale for Women (SRSW): Elimination of Administrative Segregation / Kaitlyn Wardrop. Archives électroniques 2019 SP
A Comprehensive Study of Recidivism Rates among Canadian Federal Offenders / Lynn A. Stewart. Goeff Wilton, Sebastian Baglole & Ryan Miller. Archives électroniques 2019 SP
An Examination of Risk Assessment Tools Developed for Radicalized Individuals and their Application in a Correctional Context / Cassandra Conley. Archives électroniques 2019 SP
Examining Change in Criminogenic Need Level Associated with Correctional Program Participation among Federally Sentenced Women / Kaitlyn Wardrop & Kate Pardoel. Archives électroniques 2019 SP
Identifying the Community High Risk Population for Allocation of the Program Integrity Funding / Lynn A. Stewart, Youssef Hachouch & Geoff Wilton. Archives électroniques 2019 SP
The Impact of Electronic Monitoring on Offender Supervision and Correctional Outcomes / Laura Hanby, Thana Ridha, Rebecca Sullivan, Angela Smeth & Shanna Farrell MacDonald. Archives électroniques 2019 SP
A Quantitative Examination of Factors Available in the Offender Management System Associated with Successful Release / Kaitlyn Wardrop, Chelsea Sheahan & Lynn A. Stewart. Archives électroniques 2019 SP
The Use of Technology in the Delivery of Correctional Intervention Programs : A Rapid Review / Kaitlyn Wardrop & Chelsea Sheahan. Archives électroniques 2019 SP
Women Offender Assessment : Can Gender-Informed Variables Improve Risk Prediction? / Dena Derkzen, Kaitlyn Wardrop & Kayla Wanamaker. Archives électroniques 2019 SP
2018 International Survey of Correctional Services : Community Reintegration. Archives électroniques 2018 SP
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