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"Law - Canada."

Titre Ressource Année Localisation
Ideology over evidence? The place of values within the safe streets and communities act / Alyssa Holden. Livres électroniques 2018 CCRP
Canada's justice deficit : the case for a justice system report card / by Benjamin Perrin, Richard Audas and Sarah Péloquin-Ladany. Livres électroniques 2016 CCRP
Report card on the criminal justice system : evaluating Canada's justice deficit / by Benjamin Perrin and Richard Audas. Livres électroniques 2016 CCRP
The right to social protest : negotiating constitutional meanings / Domingo A. Lovera-Parmo. Livres électroniques 2016 CCRP
Guidelines. 800-3, Consent to health services assessment, treatment and release of information. Directives du commissaire 2015 SP
Punishing the most heinous crimes : analysis and recommendations related to Bill C-53 (Life Means Life Act) / Benjamin Perrin. Livres électroniques 2015 CCRP
Searching for accommodations within the Ontario criminal justice system for persons with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder : views of social service agency and justice professionals / Samantha Stromski. Livres électroniques 2015 CCRP
Between here and there : pre- and post-migration experiences and generalized trust among recent immigrants in Canada / Antoine Bilodeau and Stephen E. White. Livres électroniques 2014 Kanishka
The exclusionary rule in Canada : trends and future directions / by Ariane Asselin. Livres électroniques 2013 CCRP
Unjust by design : Canada's administrative justice system / Ron Ellis. Livres et rapports 2013 SP
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