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Air India Flight 182 : a Canadian tragedy.

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Le vol 182 d'Air India : une tragédie canadienne.



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Incorrect catalogue number (CP32-89/2-2010E) and ISBN (978-0-660-19926-9) printed in volumes 2-5.
Issued also in French under title: Le vol 182 d'Air India : une tragédie canadienne.


"This is a large report, covering seven substantive Terms of Reference, and events commencing over twenty years ago. Its size reflects the ambitious mandate that has been assigned to this Commission, encompassing a review and evaluation of the performance and interactions of government agencies before and after the bombing, along with a request for recommendations in some of the most difficult and complex areas in relation to this country’s response to the murderous phenomenon of terrorism. The size of the report also reflects the Commission’s view of its obligation to lay out in comprehensive detail the facts about the Government’s preparedness for the possibility of the bombing and for the subsequent post-bombing investigation. At a minimum, this much is owed to the families of the victims and to the Canadian public at large".--Volume 1, page 21.


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Volume 1: The overview -- 1. Introduction -- 2. The inquiry process -- 3. Historical -- 4. Intelligence and evidence -- 5. Aviation security -- 6. Terrorist financing - 7. Recommendations and observations -- Annex A: Commission rulings -- Annex B: Parties and intervenors -- Annex C: Commission staff and counsel -- Annex D: Witness list.
Volume 2, part. 1. Pre-Bombing -- 1. What was known about the threat -- 2. Threat assessment and response -- 3. What went wrong -- 4. Responding to the threat -- 5. The day of the bombing.
Volume 2, part. 2: Post-Bombing Investigation and Response -- 1. Human sources: approach to sources and witness protection -- 2. RCMP post-bombing -- 3. CSIS post-bombing -- 4. CSIS/RCMP information sharing -- 5. The overall government response to the Air India bombing.
Volume 3: The Relationship Between Intelligence and Evidence and the Challenges of Terrorism Prosecutions -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Coordinating the intelligence/evidence relationship -- 3. Coordinating terrorist prosecutions -- 4. The collection and retention of intelligence: modernizing the CSIS Act -- 5. The disclosure and production of intelligence -- 6. The role of privileges in preventing the disclosure of intelligence -- 7. Judicial procedures to obtain non-disclosure orders in individual cases -- 8. managing the consequences of disclosure: witness and source protection -- 9. Managing the consequences of disclosure: the Air India trial and the management of other complex terrorism prosecutions -- 10. Recommendations.
Volume 4: Aviation Security -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Responses to the bombing of Air India Flight 182 -- 3. Civil aviation security in the present day -- Epilogue -- Appendices.
Volume 5: Terrorist Financing -- 1. Terrorist financing—an overview -- 2. Canadian legislation governing terrorist financing -- 3. The roles of federal departments and agencies in efforts to suppress terrorist financing -- 4. External reviews of Canada's anti-TF program -- 5. Canada's Response to reviews of its anti-TF program -- 6. The links between the charitable sector and the terrorist financing -- 7. Resolving the challenges of terrorist financing.

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