Preclearance - Access to Preclearance Area

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In accordance with Canadian law, only authorized persons may enter a preclearance area. All travellers destined for the United States entering this area must report to a preclearance officer upon entry.

If you are asked to leave the preclearance area by a preclearance officer you must comply.

Biometric Information

If you are travelling to the United States, a preclearance officer may collect biometric information from you only to verify your identity in the course of conducting preclearance. For example, biometric information includes taking a digital photo of a person or recording their fingerprints.

If you do not wish to have your biometric information collected, you may withdraw from the preclearance process.

Withdrawal from Preclearance

At any time during the preclearance process, you may withdraw and leave a preclearance area or preclearance perimeter for any reason unless you are detained by a preclearance officer. Once you withdraw you will not depart for the United States.

If you choose to withdraw from preclearance you must, if asked by a preclearance officer, answer questions to confirm your identity and to determine your reason for withdrawing. The preclearance officer may make a copy of your identification or take your photo if you have not provided identification that contains your photo and allows your identity to be verified. A photo taken for this purpose cannot be used to produce biometric information.

The preclearance officer may also examine your vehicle/vessel with minimally invasive instruments and in the case of vehicles/vessels used to transport commercial goods, a preclearance officer may also open the cargo compartments to visually examine its contents.

The preclearance officer may exercise these powers only to the extent that doing so would not unreasonably delay your withdrawal.

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