Index of Policing Initiatives

As part of the Federal, Provincial and Territorial (FPT) Ministers' commitment to improve the sharing of information under the Shared Forward Agenda, Public Safety Canada, in conjunction with all provincial and territorial governments, established the Index of Policing Initiatives – a searchable online database of innovative initiatives submitted by police services and governments from across Canada. The Index provides information on innovative activities and initiatives that contribute to the efficient and effective evolution of policing in Canada and allows for learning from the experiences of others. Calls are made annually for new initiatives which also include a “feature initiative” based on the priorities of the policing community.

The Index of Policing Initiatives is organized under three areas of focus of the Economics of Policing and Community Safety Shared Forward Agenda, namely:

This tool was created, in particular, to provide members of the policing community with access to initiatives that contribute to the evolution and sustainability of policing in Canada. The Index aims to help police services learn from one another’s best practices and is designed to constantly evolve and expand; new initiatives and updates will be added on an ongoing basis in order to ensure it remains an up-to-date and useful tool.


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