Critical Infrastructure Partners

Strengthening the resilience of critical infrastructure (CI) requires collaborative work among all partners and stakeholders. Public Safety Canada works closely with CI stakeholders, including federal departments and agencies, provinces and territories, owners and operators, the research and development community and international counterparts. Building on this approach, Public Safety Canada works with its partners to share information, manage risks and reduce CI vulnerabilities across the 10 sectors:

We work to enhance partnership building, information-sharing and risk management activities with public-private CI partners across Canada’s 10 CI sectors, through cross-sector engagement forums such as:

Contact us to learn more about taking part in our cross-sector initiatives and meetings.

Establishing trusted partnerships across the CI sectors is essential for strengthening Canadian CI resilience. By developing these partnerships, we are able to better serve CI owners and operators as well as the Canadian public.

Canada–United States Cooperation

Canada and the United States work together on CI, specifically related to the movement of people and goods between Canada and the United States. Together with the organizations and processes that facilitate this border traffic, this Canada–United States cooperation represents an integral part of our cross-border CI.

Security Partners

Provinces and Territories

International Partners

Canada’s partners in critical infrastructure include:


United Kingdom

United States

New Zealand

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