Committee of the Whole – Supplementary Estimates (B) 2021-2022 – December 7 and 8 2021

Hot Issue Notes

  1. Asylum Claimants, Irregular Migration and the Safe Third Country Agreement (CBSA)
  2. BC Landslide (EMPB)
  3. Canadian Extremist Travellers (NCSB)
  4. Current COVID-19 Border Measures for Travellers Entering Canada (CBSA)
  5. Financial Note ArriveCAN (CBSA)
  6. Foreign Interference (NCSB)
  7. Government Measures to Reduce Gun Violence (CPB)
  8. Immigration Detention (CBSA)
  9. Merlo Davidson Settlement Agreement (RCMP)
  10. Over-representation of Specific Groups in Federal Institutions (CSC)
  11. RCMP Unionization and Implementation of the Collective Agreement (CPB)
  12. Structured Intervention Units (CSC)
  13. Systemic Racism in the RCMP (RCMP)
  14. Coastal Gaslink Pipeline Protests (RCMP)
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