National Policy Makers’ Dialogue on Privacy and Information Sharing Workshop

On January 20-21, 2015, Public Safety Canada hosted the Economics of Policing and Community Safety: National Policy Makers' Dialogue on Privacy and Information Sharing Workshop, in collaboration with the Governments of Saskatchewan and Ontario. The aim of the workshop was to discuss information sharing and privacy issues within the context of collaboration models, and how best to collaborate across disciplines to share relevant information in a safe and legal way in order to support community safety.

The workshop promoted the advancement of collaborative approaches to community safety, and highlighted the benefits and challenges of sharing personal information between government institutions, local authorities, health and social service agencies when mobilizing resources to support individuals and families experiencing acutely elevated risks of harm.

This event brought together federal and provincial government representatives who are familiar with inter-disciplinary community safety and well-being models, as well as those familiar with provincial privacy and information sharing legislation.

Drawing on the experiences of Saskatchewan and Ontario (Hub model and Situation Tables), discussion took place around the identification of best practices for collaboration and information sharing, while respecting privacy rules within new inter-disciplinary community safety and well-being models.

Final discussions were carried out with participants to determine next steps.

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