Kanishka Project

The Kanishka Project is named after the Air India Flight 182 plane that was bombed on June 23, 1985, killing 329 innocent people, most of them Canadians, in the worst act of terrorism in Canadian history.

The Kanishka Project provides research on terrorism-related issues affecting Canada, such as preventing and countering violent extremism.

The Project was about better understanding what terrorism means in the Canadian context, how that is changing over time, and what we can do to support effective policies and programs to counter terrorism and violent extremism in Canada.

The Kanishka Project funded close to 70 projects and contributed to hosting a range of events bringing together officials, researchers, practitioners and community members to share knowledge on counter-terrorism.

Successful Kanishka Project Proposals

Research Catalogue

The Research Catalogue is a searchable database of information about projects funded by the Kanishka Project, partner initiatives and the Community Resilience Fund. The Catalogue provides access to details about individual studies, key findings and links to further information and resources.

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