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"National Institute of Justice"

Titre Ressource Année Collection
The evolving strategy of police : a minority view / by Hubert Williams and Patrick V. Murphy. Livres électroniques 1990 CCRP
Community policing : a practical guide for police officials / by Lee Y. Brown. Livres électroniques 1989 CCRP
Neighborhoods and police : the maintenance of civil authority / by George L. Kelling and James K. Stewart. Livres électroniques 1989 CCRP
The police and drugs / by Mark H. Moore and Mark A.R. Kleiman. Livres électroniques 1989 CCRP
Corporate strategies for policing / by Mark H. Moore and Robert C. Trojanowicz. Livres électroniques 1988 CCRP
Crime and policing / by Mark H. Moore, Robert C. Trojanowicz, and George L. Kelling. Livres électroniques 1988 CCRP
Debating the evolution of American policing : an edited transcript to accompany "the evolving strategy of policing" / edited by Francis X. Hartmann. Livres électroniques 1988 CCRP
The evolving strategy of policing / by George L. Kelling and Mark H. Moore. Livres électroniques 1988 CCRP
Implementing community policing / by Malcolm K. Sparrow. Livres électroniques 1988 CCRP
Police accountability and community policing / by George L. Kelling, Robert Wasserman, and Hubert Williams. Livres électroniques 1988 CCRP
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