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"National Institute of Justice"

Titre Ressource Année Collection
Research in the ranks : empowering law enforcement to drive their own scientific inquiry / by Maureen Q. McGough. Livres électroniques 2019 CCRP
Tackling gun violence as a community issue / by Juan Perez. Livres électroniques 2019 CCRP
Using artificial intelligence to address criminal justice needs / by Christopher Rigano. Livres électroniques 2019 CCRP
In God we trust, all others bring data / by Jeremiah Johnson. Livres électroniques 2018 CCRP
New approaches to digital evidence acquisition and analysis / Martin Novak, Jonathan Grier and Daniel Ganzalez. Livres électroniques 2018 CCRP
Childhood trauma and its effects : implications for police / Richard G. Dudley. Livres électroniques 2015 CCRP
Crime and policing revisited / Anthony A. Braga. Livres électroniques 2015 CCRP
From warriors to guardians : recommitting American police culture to democratic ideals / Sue Rahr and Stephen K. Rice. Livres électroniques 2015 CCRP
Measuring performance in a modern police organization / Malcolm K. Sparrow. Livres électroniques 2015 CCRP
The police and public discourse on "black-on-black" violence / Anthony A. Braga and Rod K. Brunson. Livres électroniques 2015 CCRP
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