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"National Institute of Justice"

Titre Ressource Année Collection
Race and policing : an agenda for action / David H. Bayley, Michael A. Davis and Ronald L. Davis. Livres électroniques 2015 CCRP
A randomized-trial evaluation of a law enforcement application for smartphones and laptops that uses GIS and location-based services’ to pinpoint persons-of-interest : final technical report / Tom K. Casady, Ian Cottingham, Juan Paulo Ramírez, Ashok Samal, Alan J. Tomkins, Kevin Farrell, Joseph A. Hamm, David I. Rosenbaum, Nancy Shank. Livres électroniques 2015 CCRP
Rightful policing / Tracey L. Meares. Livres électroniques 2015 CCRP
Toward a profession of police leadership / Edward A. Flynn and Victoria Herrington. Livres électroniques 2015 CCRP
The challenge of policing in a democratic society : a personal journey toward understanding / Charles H. Ramsey. Livres électroniques 2014 CCRP
Five things about deterrence. Livres électroniques 2014 CCRP
Five things law enforcement executives can do to make a difference. Livres électroniques 2014 CCRP
Managing the boundary between public and private policing / Malcolm K. Sparrow. Livres électroniques 2014 CCRP
Policing and wrongful convictions / Anthony W. Batts, Maddy deLone and Darrel W. Stephens. Livres électroniques 2014 CCRP
Selection and application guide to ballistic-resistant body armor for law enforcement, corrections and public safety : NIJ selection and application guide-0101.06. Livres électroniques 2014 CCRP
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