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"National Institute of Justice"

Titre Ressource Année Collection
Social media and police leadership : lessons from Boston / Edward F. Davis III, Alejandro A. Alves and David Alan Sklansky. Livres électroniques 2014 CCRP
Exploring the role of the police in prisoner reentry / Jeremy Travis, Ronald Davis and Sarah Lawrence. Livres électroniques 2012 CCRP
Police leadership challenges in a changing world / Anthony W. Batts, Sean Michael Smoot and Ellen Scrivner. Livres électroniques 2012 CCRP
The diversification of police departments : topical report / Megan Alderden, Amy Farell, Wesley Skogan and Dennis Rosenbaum. Livres électroniques 2011 CCRP
Governing science / Malcolm K. Sparrow. Livres électroniques 2011 CCRP
Moving the work of criminal investigators towards crime control / Anthony A. Braga, Edward A. Flynn, George L. Kelling and Christine M. Cole. Livres électroniques 2011 CCRP
The persistent pull of police professionalism / David Alan Sklansky. Livres électroniques 2011 CCRP
Police discipline : a case for change / Darrel W. Stephens. Livres électroniques 2011 CCRP
Police science : toward a new paradigm / David Weisburd and Peter Neyroud. Livres électroniques 2011 CCRP
Police use of force, Tasers and other less-lethal weapons / Geoffrey P. Alpert, Michael R. Smith, Robert J. Kaminski, Lorie A. Fridell, John MacDonald, and Bruce Kubu. Livres électroniques 2011 CCRP
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