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"Crime prevention - United States."

Titre Ressource Année Collection
A comparison of averted and completed school attacks from the Police Foundation averted school violence database / Peter Langman and Frank Straub. Livres électroniques 2019 CCRP
A preliminary report on the Police Foundation's averted school violence database / Jeffrey A. Daniels. Livres électroniques 2019 CCRP
Tackling gun violence as a community issue / by Juan Perez. Livres électroniques 2019 CCRP
Using artificial intelligence to address criminal justice needs / by Christopher Rigano. Livres électroniques 2019 CCRP
Interrupting "near repeat" burglary patterns : rapid identification and interaction with at-risk residents after a burglary : research brief (summary report) / Elizabeth Groff, Travis Taniguchi, Karen L. Amendola. Livres électroniques 2018 CCRP
Micro-level policing for preventing near repeat residential burglary : final monograph (technical report) / Elizabeth R. Groff, Travis A. Taniguchi. Livres électroniques 2018 CCRP
New approaches to digital evidence acquisition and analysis / Martin Novak, Jonathan Grier and Daniel Ganzalez. Livres électroniques 2018 CCRP
Follow the Silk Road : how internet affordances influence and transform crime and law enforcement / by Ryan D. Jerde. Livres électroniques 2017 CCRP
Police reforms : identifying the potential adverse impacts and challenges to law enforcement agencies / by Mark L. Timpf. Livres électroniques 2017 CCRP
Advancing diversity in law enforcement. Livres électroniques 2016 CCRP
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