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"Police professionalization - United States."

Titre Ressource Année Collection
Building and managing a successful public safety UAS program : practical guidance and lessons learned from the early adopters : final report to the National Institute of Justice / Donald L. Shinnamon, Brett M. Cowell. Livres électroniques 2019 CCRP
Perceived effective policing through leaderships' diversity training learning outcomes and cultural competence / by Damon Jason Brown. Livres électroniques 2019 CCRP
In God we trust, all others bring data / by Jeremiah Johnson. Livres électroniques 2018 CCRP
The law and psychology of suspicion and police decision-making / by Amanda K. Charbonneau. Livres électroniques 2018 CCRP
Police officers and college education : the association of police officer college education and the level of force used by a police officer in gaining compliance in arrest situations / John Vespucci. Livres électroniques 2018 CCRP
Police reforms : identifying the potential adverse impacts and challenges to law enforcement agencies / by Mark L. Timpf. Livres électroniques 2017 CCRP
Attitudinal dimensions and openness to evidence-based policing : perspectives of academy recruits / by Julie Grieco. Livres électroniques 2016 CCRP
Body armor for law enforcement officers : in brief / Nathan James. Livres électroniques 2016 CCRP
The effect of procedural justice during police-citizen encounters : a factorial vignette-based study / by Ryan D. Mays. Livres électroniques 2016 CCRP
Evaluation of Chicago police department's crisis intervention team for youth training curriculum : year 2 / Rebecca R. Skorek, Christine Devitt Westley. Livres électroniques 2016 CCRP
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